• Marketing Professional

    Hi-tech creative strategist

    Marketing consultant for a range of clients—from small businesses who lack in-house marketing to serving on a team for a multi-national corporation. From concept to final product, I deliver exceptional results, giving you the extra hand you need to get the job done.


    I can help you develop the right flair to attract the customers you want.



    • Content creation
    • Branding
    • International events
    • Outbound communications

    Contact me today to discuss your specifics.

  • Hello, I'm Patricia.

    Whether you're updating the look and feel of your business, or starting a new company, I can help you develop a complete marketing package: from collateral, to building a website, to targeting the correct social media outlets. You can attain a strong online presence and clear promotion strategy. I can get you up and running quickly while maintaining the highest professional standards.

    With a background in fine art, I offer a fresh perspective when it comes to developing your brand. My corporate marketing and PR experience means you'll always push consistent brand messaging. My guerrilla marketing skills mean you gain innovative ways to get your name out there—even on a tight budget.

    I love working directly with customers and exceeding expectations.



    From company newsletters, to email blasts, to direct mail campaigns, to press releases, there is almost nothing I can't craft for you. As a college English Major, I have a passion for the written word.



    • Web copy
    • Outbound communications
    • PR
    • Flyers, sales sheets


    Need to launch a website, but don't know how? Or need to update a site you already own? I can get you there. I enjoy working with companies who seek to modernizing their marketing.


    If you want a strong online presence, contact me. I can give your business a "health check" and get you on the right track.


    From developing a media outreach list and sending your first press release, to identifying which social channels your business will use, to outlining a clear path towards having an ever-growing email list — I'll help you discover unique ways to promote your business.


    A savvy PR plan will set you apart from the rest.

  • Marketing Portfolio

    A selection of projects I've worked on

    Outbound Comms

    Employer: Clear-Com



    Category: B2B


    Problem: Online Partner Portal was "out of sight, out of mind" for dealer network. No push notifications, making portal very under-utilized resource.


    Solution: Created & maintain partner news site to notify dealers when portal has been updated—plus other key news they were missing. RSS feed automates weekly headlines news. Company brand stays top of mind with distributors, while partners get deep content non-intrusively. Saves company labor hours; several blog posts can be written in same time it takes to format one email.


    My Contribution:

    • memorable URL
    • entire site: from concept to output
    • weekly time savings to company
    • deep engagement with top partners
    • went from 20% open rates on emails to 60% open rates on news headline emails

    Complete Brand Package

    Client: Tony Addy

    Commercial & residential pressure washing, deck maintenance



    Category: B2C / B2B


    Problem: Company had zero online presence. Recently changed business name & needed brand overhaul.


    Solution: Created website, Facebook page, and Yelp profile. Updated brand image to attract high-end customers. Developed letterhead, email, business cards, direct mail templates.


    My Contributions:

    • The whole shebang!
    • Wrote all copy based on client interviews
    • Image editing, identifying URL, launching site, corporate email set-up
    • Connecting Google Analytics for reporting
    • Complete brand package included site, business cards, letterhead, and direct mail campaign.

    Mobile-Friendly 2017 Refresh

    Client: Tony Addy



    Category: B2C / B2B


    Problem: Website 5-yrs old and non-responsive design risked losing mobile users.


    Solution: Migrated site to mobile-friendly platform. Re-wrote and reduced content, targeting top 2 markets to help focus business model towards higher value clientele.


    My contributions:

    • All site content
    • Layout
    • Market positioning

    Direct Mail

    Client: Tony Addy


    Category: B2C / B2B


    Problem: Client needed to increase sales during slow spring season.


    Solution: Developed targeted direct mail piece aim at 600+ customer base. Targeted service based past order history and customer profile.

    My Contributions:

    • Wrote copy
    • Developed offer
    • Design + layout
    • Printing to database
    • Personalization

    Complete Brand Package

    Client: Karen Goehring

    Child, Adolescent & Adult Therapy



    Category: B2C


    Problem: Brand new business needing to get off the ground and create online presence to attract customers.


    Solution: Developed branding, created & launched site. Linked to industry-recognized 'Psychology Today' website. Made new business cards + letterhead for consistent branding. Client now self-sufficient editing own website post-launch.


    My Contributions:

    • Editing client copy and formatting site layout to increase conversions.
    • Identified memorable URL instead of using client's name, because difficult spelling of her last name would lose word-of-mouth prospects.
    • Built & launched site, set-up corporate email accounts.
    • Established clean, professional identity with goal of inspiring prospects. Client very pleased with results.
    • Periodically reach out with PR ideas for blog to establish thought-leadership in PTSD.

    Business Cards

    Client: Karen Goehring



    Category: B2C

    • new business card with appointment reminder

    Branding Refresh

    Client: Art by the Bay

    SF Bay Area collective of artists

    artbythebay.com (no longer live)


    Category: B2C


    Problem: Client needed website to match branding.


    Solution: Reformatted website on new platform, adjusted website colors to match branding, tweaked web copy.
    (Site no longer live.)



    George Pariza

    VP Marketing & Product Management

    - boss -

    “Patricia worked for me at Glacier Bay. Being a small organization she was forced to wear many hats. Event coordinator, marketing coordinator, copy writer, PR, media buyer, etc., whatever the task, she always was extremely conscientious, positive and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to have Patty on my team again.”

    Ralph Briones

    Videographer / Graphic Designer

    - department colleague -

    “I had the the pleasure of working with Patricia for 4 years in the marketing department at Glacier Bay. We worked directly on projects ranging from trade shows, demo events, sales meetings and content creation. Patricia is a team player who pays close attention to detail and can juggle various tasks at any given time. Because of her skills understanding graphics processes, she made my job easier and our workflow was seamless. I highly recommend Patricia.”

    Wayne Goldman

    VP of Sales

    - colleague -

    “I really enjoyed working with Patty because she's a hard working, articulate and talented team member. She would willingly do whatever was asked of her and go beyond the normal call of duty to execute her duties. Patty's marketing knowledge was exceptional and she was always eager to learn and take on challenging assignments. She worked well with other employees and management, establishing strong relationships with publishers, PR departments, web developers and others. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Patty if given the opportunity.”

    Diane Rubin

    Owner, Super Travel

    - corporate vendor -

    “Patricia was the travel coordinator for trade shows and business events, and we worked closely to schedule airline reservations and book hotels. She maintained a firm grasp on the budget and details ensuring the most sensible arrangements. She handled last minute changes calmly and with good judgement. Patricia was an absolute delight to work with and always appreciative of our teamwork. Great attitude!"

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