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    Marketing Professional

    Hi-tech creative do-er

    With roots in Silicon Valley/San Francisco, California my experience in fast-paced start-ups means I bring creative flair to any team. From concept to final product, I deliver exceptional results. Let's work together to attract the customers you want to grow your business.



    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Events & Webinars
    • Copywriting & Editing
    • Branding

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  • Hello, I'm Patricia.

    Whether you're updating the look and feel of your business or starting a new company, I can help you develop a complete marketing package: from collateral to building your website and social media platforms, we can create a strong online presence for your business.

    With a background in fine art, I offer a fresh perspective when it comes to developing your brand. My corporate marketing and PR experience mean you'll always convey consistent messaging. My guerrilla marketing skills mean you gain innovative ways to get your name out there—even on a tight budget.

    I love working directly with clients and exceeding expectations.


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    From company newsletters to email blasts to direct mail to press releases, I can write it all for you—and in the voice of your brand.


    As an English major, I have a passion for the written word and love editing. Whether creating something new or taking your draft and polishing it for the press, I can craft the right message in the right tone.



    • Editing
    • Web copy
    • Email blasts
    • Press releases
    • Flyers, sales sheets
    • Brochures
    • Social media posts
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    Need to launch a website, but don't know how? Or need to update an existing site? I can get you there.


    I enjoy working with companies who seek to modernize their marketing but may not have in-house marketing to do it themselves. I can help!


    If you want a strong online presence, contact me. I can give your business a 'health check' and get you on the right track.

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    From sending your first press release to identifying which social channels to focus on to outlining ways to grow an email list — I'll help you discover unique ways to promote your business.


    A savvy PR plan will set you apart.

  • Marketing Portfolio

    A selection of projects I've worked on

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    Outbound Comms

    Employer: Clear-Com



    Category: B2B


    Problem: Online Partner Portal was "out of sight, out of mind" for dealer network. No push notifications made corporate web portal underutilized.


    Solution: Developed "partner blog" unique to dealers linking to an RSS feed that aggregated weekly headline news. Helped Clear-Com stay top of mind with partners while providing deep content in digestible bites.


    My Contribution:

    • Developed entire news site, from concept to final output using a memorable URL, easy for dealers to remember and find.
    • Wrote all blog posts notifying dealers of key relevant content.
    • Enabled automation of RSS feed between blogsite and Mailchimp.


    • Increased email open rate from 20% to 60%.
    • Increased engagement and traffic by providing more timely content previously missing from dealer inboxes.
    • Reduced marketing team labor hours by eliminating the need to format corporate emails.
    Partner reactions:
    • "Did I tell you how useful this headline newsletter is? It's really very great to have this!!!!!"
      - Frans Van Houten, Netherlands
    • "I enjoy your weekly blogs, one of the very best communication vehicles I've seen. Other suppliers send out 1-2 press releases a week along with lots of internal stuff. Gets very tedious. Your blog hits a very nice balance between a variety of useful information combined with PR."     
      - Bob Snelgrove, Canada
    Staff reactions:
    • "Best Partner update I've ever seen. Great job!!"  
      - John Kowalski, Sales Director
    • The new online Partner newsletter is a 'Home Run!'"
      - Bob Boster, President
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    Brand Package

    Client: Tony Addy

    Pressure washing & deck maintenance



    Category: B2C / B2B


    Problem: Zero online presence and used Hotmail for work email. New company name required a complete overhaul of assets.


    Solution: Created website and social media pages along with marketing templates displaying consistent branding and a professional domain.


    My Contributions:

    • Built website and social media pages (FacebookYelp) using keywords to support SEO and raise visibility. 
    • Wrote web copy with compelling headlines for easy skimming.  
    • Created "before/after" images to influence purchase decision.
    • Migrated email to professional domain to increase credibility.
    • Created branded templates for letterhead, emails, direct mail, invoices and business cards. 
    • Created Google Analytics account for website reporting.
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    Site Refresh

    Client: Tony Addy

    Pressure washing & deck maintenance



    Category: B2C / B2B


    Problem: Site from 2012 was not mobile-friendly, risked losing phone and tablet users.


    Solution: Migrated website to mobile-responsive platform and simplified sales funnel.


    My contributions:

    • Assured site looks exceptional on any device. Moved from Weebly to Strikingly platform.
    • Rewrote and reduced content to simplify customer journey.
    • Developed market positioning for top target markets to focus on higher-value customers.
    • Added form as new touchpoint to generate leads.
    • New leads generated monthly without paid advertising.
    • Owner uses site as sales tool, showing "before/after" images via mobile devices to prospects to help close sales.
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    Lead Generation

    Client: Karen Goehring




    Category: B2C


    Problem: New business needed an online presence to establish credibility and generate leads.


    Solution: Developed inspiring brand image with relevant marketing assets both on & offline.


    My Contributions:

    • Identified memorable URL, easy for prospects to recall and type.
    • Launched site, editing web copy to drive conversions.
    • Set-up corporate email accounts.
    • Linked to industry-recognized sites to increase credibility and support SEO efforts.
    • Developed marketing assets (letterhead, business cards) with consistent branding. 


    • Client self-sufficient in editing own site and receives ongoing leads via webform.
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    Brand Package

    Client: Cambridge Bike Party
    Community cycling group



    Category: Non-profit, B2C


    Problem: Zero brand awareness and low/no budget.


    Solution: Developed online presence and began educating community on new concept using PR outreach.


    My contributions:

    • Created mobile-responsive website to raise awareness.
    • Created social pages (FacebookInstagram, EventBrite) to leverage SEO and aide discovery of new site in search.
    • Promoted events using low-cost social ads and boosts.
    • Wrote press releases and distributed to local media.


    • Increase from 1 to 65 guests by sixth event.
    • Social ads led to 797 people interested in attending.
    • Video interview on local news.
    • Group now earns word-of-mouth referrals.


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    Ann Williams

    Director of Sales Asia Pacific, Clear-Com

    - Executive management -

    "One of the best channel marketers I've worked with. A few attributes that most impress me about Patricia: she works very hard and accomplishes a lot with a few resources; she's excellent finding practical solutions; she's very organized and can manage and prioritize conflicting demands.


    "On a personal level, Patricia is wonderful to work with and is respected and well-liked by colleagues and partners both.


    "We've been colleagues for four years, working to develop programs and initiatives for the APAC region. We regularly collaborate on channel promotion strategy, including budgeting and goals. Recently, we've focused on developing new territories which require greater-than-usual marketing support and attention, involving co-marketing, training, and promotions. Her creativity and experience from the EMEA and USA regions have been valuable contributions."

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    Mitch Lockyer-Lane

    Event Comms & SportsCom, Gearhouse Broadcast

    - Distributor partner -

    "Working with Patricia over the years has been a pleasure. Her work ethic and dedication to provide the best experience for customers is amazing. Even when executing marketing activities across the globe in differing time zones, Patricia makes it an absolute breeze to organise local events, provide marketing documentation, merchandise, and channel messaging.


    "Her bubbly personality and great sense of humour strengthen working relationships with customers and companies worldwide.


    "I've had the opportunity to attend a partner event Patricia organised from the UK, held in the APAC region. It was amazing and well-coordinated, a testament to her event management and marketing skills. I know all partners who attended this three-day event were extremely impressed with the level of planning and coordination involved."

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    Ana Alas

    Office & Event Manager, Clear-Com

    - Colleague -

    "I worked with Patricia for almost 7 years, and from day one she demonstrated a high level of motivation and dedication. Her ability to manage and execute multiple projects flawlessly always impressed me. We collaborated on a few projects together, and I always looked forward to those because I knew Patricia was dependable, focused, and driven. I could always count on her professionalism and efficiency. If given the opportunity in the future, I definitely want Patricia on my team!​"

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    Luciano Zamora

    Lead Graphic Designer, Clear-Com

    - Colleague-

    "I worked with Patricia for almost 3 years. She was always attentive and dedicated. She contributed good ideas to our team in an effort to make things attainable while also fun. Always very polite and considerate, she would ask my availability before starting projects to properly asses whether we could meet deadlines or needed to consider other options. I believe Patricia possesses strong managerial and people skills, making her a strong candidate for creative/marketing leadership roles."

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    Bob Boster

    President, Clear-Com

    - Executive management -

    "At a recent executive meeting, Patricia was recognized for extraordinary work done. She outdid herself with the Malta and NAB partner meetings, both well-executed and done professionally, but with her own personal flair. Her attention to detail was right on point and she continues to pull us closer to partners. Outstanding job done."

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    Joquebed Colin

    Regional Sales Manager Latin America, Clear-Com

    - Colleague -

    "Patricia’s support with partners and the tools provides them is always on time and efficient. She makes things easier and smoother for both customers and our team. Her support has been crucial not only with events but also last-minute requirements for important sales projects. It is a pleasure to work with her and something I always look forward to. "

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    Murat Ozer

    General Manager, Basari

    - Distributor partner -

    "The Partner Summit was excellent. Very well organized and efficient. Thanks to all Clear-Com peoplebut especially you. You are the best in the IT world I have ever seen."

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    George Pariza

    VP Marketing & Product Management, Glacier Bay

    - Manager -

    “Patricia worked for me at Glacier Bay. Being a small organization she wore many hats (event coordinator, marketing coordinator, copywriter, PR, media buyer, etc.), whatever the task, Patricia was always extremely conscientious, positive and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to have her on my team again.”

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    Ralph Briones

    Videographer / Graphic Designer, Glacier Bay

    - Colleague -

    “I had the pleasure of working with Patricia for 4 years. We worked on tradeshows, demo events, sales meetings and content creation. She's a team player who pays close attention to detail and can juggle various tasks. Because of her skills understanding the graphics processes, she made my job easier and our workflow was seamless. I highly recommend Patricia.”

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    Wayne Goldman

    VP of Sales, Glacier Bay

    -Executive management -

    “I really enjoy working with Patricia because she's hard-working, articulate, and talented. She willingly does whatever is asked of her and goes beyond the normal call of duty. Her marketing knowledge is exceptional. She's always eager to learn and take on challenging assignments. She works well with everyone, from employees to management to vendors by establishing strong relationships. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Patricia.”

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    Diane Rubin

    Owner, Super Travel

    - Vendor -

    “Patricia was the travel coordinator for tradeshows and events, and we worked closely to book flight and hotel reservations. She maintained a firm grasp on the budget, ensuring sensible arrangements that balanced convenience and cost. She handled last minute changes calmly and with good judgement. An absolute delight to work with. Great attitude!"

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